Martignano, Lake Reopened From The 15th

A gradual take-off for the bathing season on Lake Martignano, which for the moment is at full speed for the visitors and enthusiasts who attend it. In the small but beautiful lake on the outskirts of North Rome, immersed in the protected area of ​​the Bracciano-Martignano park, today and tomorrow, the establishments are open both for those who reach it from Campagnano and for those arriving from Anguillara Sabazia.

In Campagnano, the restaurant and beach service is open with restricted accesses, well-marked distances, gels, and thermoscanners at the entrances that will be regulated until the beach stations previously set up in full compliance with the anti-coronavirus rules are exhausted. During the week, the business will be closed and then reopen next weekend and then at full speed, every day, from June 15th, even on weekdays as well as holidays.

On the Anguillara Sabazia side, the situation remains unchanged compared to last weekend. That is to say; visitors can only reach the beach on foot because the shuttle service from the car park (about one and a half kilometers) will not be running this weekend yet. The establishments are still open, and the same rule applies to quota entries. In recent days, the prefectural commissioner Gerardo Caroli has taken steps to clean the area from weeds and tilling the beaches. Starting from Monday, the reorganization of the dirt road that leads to the lake and which is currently full of holes should start.

Therefore, you will have to get used to the limited number if you want to be sure of your place in the sun on the enchanting beaches of Martignano, which remains among the most popular destinations for the Romans. Among other things, this morning, the managers of the beaches of Anguillara will briefly discuss any critical issues to be overcome but, above all, on the synergistic actions to be implemented. Spending words of appreciation for the natural oasis of Martignano, a special protection area covered by numerous environmental constraints and of the Bracciano Regional Park, where biodiversity is preserved and protected, was also the former commissioner of Rome Francesco Tagliente, yesterday on the occasion of World Environment Day: “With the biodiversity crisis – says Tagliente about Martignano – the supply of eco-systemic services, from food to wood, is at risk, from water to medicines, from climate regulation to soil erosion control, from recreational to cultural values. The food security, well-being, and prosperity of communities are endangered if no action is taken to reverse the biodiversity crisis”.

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